Top Hat Cheddar

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The Top Hat Cheddar is a cheddar in English traditional style. The cheese has a red-orange natural crust and a soft, rich taste. An undisputed favorite among cheese lovers. The Top Hat Cheddar was therefore rewarded with gold in 2019 during the World Championship Cheese in Green Bay.

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Thanks to the special ripening process, in which the cheese is wrapped in white linen to continue maturing for a minimum of 6 months, the Top Hat Cheddar has a soft, rich taste. The cheese has a somewhat grainy structure, but is wonderfully creamy and rich in earthy nuances. A cheddar in English traditional style, rightly awarded with gold during the World Championship Cheese in Green Bay.

Fat 50+, pasteurized cow's milk, rennet, starter, salt, natural pigment: annatto

Your Top Hat Cheddar is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged.


The Top Hat Cheddar has its origin in the United Kingdom. Here the exceptional cheese is produced with great passion and craftsmanship by Richard Norton, Jim Demeter, Darrel Demeter and Danny McCrary Reed. The cheese makers have put a lot of time, energy and attention into the production process of this cheese. Only the best quality milk is used for production. The cheese is packaged in a white linen cloth and aged in the temperature and humidity-controlled aging cavities in the cellar.


The Top Hat Cheddar can be perfectly combined in various ways. For example, it is a very suitable cheese for your hamburger. But the cheese has so much more to offer. For instance, you can add the Top Hat Cheddar to cream-based soups, streamed vegetables and egg frittatas. The cheese can also be perfectly combined with a delicious beer such as a Pale Ale, Stout, Weiss beer or Bock. But the cheese is also delicious in combination with wine. Combine the Top Hat Cheddar with a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti or Pinot Noir.

Mer information
Dimension hel ost 21 cm Ø x 7 cm H
Märke Red Cheddar
Smakstyrka Pikanta
Landets ursprung Storbritannien
Näringsvärdesinformation per 100 gram
fett (gr) 37
Mättat fett (gr) 30
Kalcium (mg) 756
Kalorier (kcal) 425
Kilojoules (KJ) 1760
kolhydrater (gr) 0,1
Protein (gr) 23
Natrium (mg) 1,5
Typ av mjölk Ko
Glutenfri Ja
Typ av löpe Löpmage
Sockerfri Nej
Kan innehålla spår av jordnötter Nej
Ätbar ostkant Nej
Laktosfri No
Pastöriserad Yes
Begränsad hållbarhet Nej
Gjord av Betesmjölk Betesmjölk kommer från bondgårdar där korna går på bete från vår till höst åtminstone 120 dagar om året, minimalt 6 timmar om dagen.
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