Glorious Goat by Henri Willig

The award winning Glorious Goat is selected by Henri Willig. PGI certified Dutch goat cheese, creamy and full of flavor with a piquant hint. Delicious with a light sweet white wine and sweet dip sauce.

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In 1974, Henri Willig began making his famous cheese in Katwoude. From the beginning Henri Willig always was a pioneer with an eye for interesting new products. In the early eighties this drive to innovate led him to the creation of the first Gouda style cheese made from goat’s milk. A recipe for success, as it won several international awards for best goat cheese. Henri Willig continues this innovative trend in Glorious Goat by only selecting the highest quality goat’s milk which gives the cheese its rich taste with a piquant hint. Special because of the unique look that is engraved one by one.

Fat 50+ , Pasteurised goatmilk, salt, lactic acid, Vegetarian (Microbial) Rennet

Your cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged!
The hard structure of Henri Willig cheese makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.

A cheese loving family. The Willig family has set up an exclusive cheese line, each with their own personal favorite. All unique in taste. The cheeses are naturally matured for several months. Unique appearance due to the engravings on the cheese. For special moments, made to share.

Mer information
Dimension hel ost +/- 31 cm Ø x 10 cm H
Märke Henri Willig
Smakstyrka Mild
Landets ursprung Nederländerna
Näringsvärdesinformation per 100 gram
fett (gr) 39
Mättat fett (gr) 24
Kalcium (mg) 23
Kalorier (kcal) 455
Kilojoules (KJ) 1908
kolhydrater (gr) 0,5
Protein (gr) 28
Natrium (mg) 760
Typ av mjölk get
Glutenfri Nej
Typ av löpe Vegetarisk löpe (mikrobiell)
Sockerfri Ja
Kan innehålla spår av jordnötter Ja
Ätbar ostkant Nej
Laktosfri Yes
Pastöriserad Yes
Begränsad hållbarhet Nej
Gjord av Betesmjölk Betesmjölk kommer från bondgårdar där korna går på bete från vår till höst åtminstone 120 dagar om året, minimalt 6 timmar om dagen.
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