Beemster Extra Aged - XO - 26 months

Beemster Extra Aged is revered by cheese connoisseurs for its complex and deep notes of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan.

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Beemster wins again!  We’re thrilled that Beemster Extra Aged took home the Gold in the 2013 World Cheese Awards. The World Cheese Awards is the largest international cheese competition with 220 distinguished cheese connoisseurs judging the 2,700+ entries from more than 30 countries around the world. The awards honor our craftsmanship, our artisan techniques and recipe, our traditional ageing and, most certainly, our devoted cheesemasters.

Aged 26 month
Beemster Extra Aged is revered by cheese connoisseurs for its complex and deep notes of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan. The flavor develops through natural aging of no less than 26 months in our historic warehouses. Due to the unique milk and craftsmanship used in each wheel, Beemster Extra Aged stays creamy, producing a delectable flavor and texture that is more enjoyable than other extra-aged Dutch cheeses. 

  • Extra Aged, Hard & Robust. With a deep, long-lasting taste.
  • Pairs well with elegant wines, olives, and nuts. 

Fat 48+ , pasteurised cow's milk, rennet, salt, lactic acid, vitamins A, B and D

Your cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged!
The hard structure of Dutch cheese makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.

This is an original Beemster cheese from the Netherlands:
Beemster Cheese

Beemster cheese gets its name from Holland’s oldest polder the Beemster. Various species of grass grow in this area of reclaimed land and they give Beemster cheese a specific taste. The cheese is available in four different kinds, namely; young matured, matured, extra matured and old. All Beemster cheeses have a distinctive salty and creamy touch to their flavour. Traditionally, the cheese is used particularly as a sandwich topping, but it is just as enjoyable as a snack.

Näringsvärden - allergener
Dimension hel ost +/- 37 cm Ø x 11 cm H
Märke Beemster
Smakstyrka Mycket pikant
Landets ursprung Nederländerna
Näringsvärdesinformation per 100 gram
fett (gr) 39.7
Mättat fett (gr) 28.6
Kalcium (mg) 1045
Kalorier (kcal) 480
Kilojoules (KJ) 2110
Kålhydrater (gr) 0
Protein (gr) 32
Natrium (mg) 1173
Typ av mjölk Ko
Pastöriserad Ja
Laktosfri Ja
Glutenfri Ja
Typ av löpe Löpmage
Sockerfri Ja
Kan innehålla spår av jordnötter Ja
Ätbar ostkant Nej
Recept N/A
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