Pure Jersey Wonderfully Old

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Pure Jersey Wonderfully Old is one of the delicious varieties of Pure Jersey. This cheese is matured to perfection for 12 months. The cheese owes its characteristic taste to this. The cheese has a somewhat buttery taste with a hint of nut aroma. The structure of the cheese is firm to crumbly.

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Pure Jersey Wonderfully Old is a unique, creamy cheese from Pure Jersey. An absolute must for old cheese lovers. Also extremely suitable for vegetarians thanks to the use of vegetarian rennet.

Fat 50+, pasteurized cow's milk, microbial rennet, starter, salt.

Your cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged!
The hard structure of Pure Jersey Wonderfully Old makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.


A "specialty beer" among the cheeses. That's how Pure Jersey cheese is also described. The cheese is all natural and pure. This means that nothing is added to or extracted from the milk before it is processed into Pure Jersey cheese. In addition, vegetarian rennet is used during preparation. This makes Pure Jersey cheese suitable for vegetarians. The special milk from the Pure Jersey cow makes this cheese unique. Since this milk naturally contains much more protein, the milk has a unique, creamy taste.


Pure Jersey Wonderfully Old tastes great with a drink. Serve this unique cheese together with other cheeses, fruit or nuts in combination with a delicious specialty beer or a glass of wine.

Näringsvärden - allergener
Begränsad hållbarhet Begränsad hållbarhet
Dimension hel ost 38 cm Ø x 11 cm H
Märke Pure Jersey
Smakstyrka Pikanta
Landets ursprung Nederländerna
Näringsvärdesinformation per 100 gram
fett (gr) 36,9
Mättat fett (gr) 24,9
Kalcium (mg) 750
Kalorier (kcal) 440
Kilojoules (KJ) 1823
kolhydrater (gr) N/A
Protein (gr) 26,9
Natrium (mg) 120
Typ av mjölk Ko
Pastöriserad Ja
Laktosfri Ja
Glutenfri Ja
Typ av löpe Vegetarisk löpe (mikrobiell)
Sockerfri Nej
Kan innehålla spår av jordnötter Ja
Ätbar ostkant Ja
Recept N/A
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